Estimating Service

Estimating Services

An automobile accident or hail storm is unexpected event. A big concern for most people following an automotive incident is just how much will the repairs cost. Although the prospect of getting your car fixed can seem like a major hassle, the good news is once you know what to expect, it won’t be that big of a hassle. At Auto Restorations Auto Body & Paint, Inc., our experienced estimators work hard to ensure that our estimates closely represent the actual cost of the repair work.

If you’re involved in an auto incident, the most important thing to do is focus on your personal safety and health. Once you’ve taken any necessary steps for yourself, the next thing you’ll want to do is take care of the damage to your vehicle. Depending on the incident, the damage can range from minor to very severe.

If your car is safe to drive the insurance company may require you to go to a designated inspection site to get a visible estimate for repair costs. If it’s not safe to drive, then an auto damage adjuster might be sent to your vehicle’s location.

At the inspection, which usually takes about 30 minutes, the auto damage adjuster will evaluate the damage to your car and write up a visible estimate. The auto damage adjuster then sends a report to the insurance company, which will help pay for repairs to your vehicle.

You might be asking yourself, “What is a visible estimate?” Well, a visible estimate documents damage that is seen without any disassembly of vehicle. NO HIDDEN DAMAGE IS ASSUMED. Visible estimates are the industry standard for vehicle that are drivable. If a drivable vehicle is partially disassembled to identify hidden damage, the vehicle may then become NON-drivable. Most insurance companies and clients paying themselves do not want to make disassembled vehicle estimate until the vehicle is in the repair shop to start repairs. Only when the exterior panels are removed will a shop know the full scope of the accident damage.

Once the vehicle is in the shop for repairs, the vehicles exterior panels are removed and additional damage is estimated. This second type of estimate is called a supplement. A supplement is an invoice for the hidden damage uncovered after disassembly of damaged parts. It may also be used for parts difference between the visible estimate and actual vendor parts price. Most repair shops contact the payer (vehicle owner or insurance company) for approval of the supplement prior to completion of work. Supplements are normal in the collision industry.

Auto Restorations Auto Body & Paint, Inc. will closely review all estimates provided by an insurance company or outside shop, to ensure that there are no errors. From starting with your visible estimate, to the return of your repaired vehicle. Auto Restorations will be there to help you through the all essentials of the estimate and repair process.