Auto Collision Repair Services

Auto Collision Services

Our auto collision repair services begin with an estimate documenting the damage to the vehicle. Additional estimates, called supplements, may be needed if additional damage is found. The next step is ordering the parts listed on the estimate. The parts that are ordered might be new OEM parts, used OEM parts, or after market parts. All of these types of parts will be of insurance quality. Auto Restorations will help to explain the pros and cons of using each of these types of parts.

During a collision, several items on your vehicle may become misaligned or out of Original Manufacture Specification. Auto Restorations’ will use several different specialty types of equipment, to measure and/or calibrate specific parts of your vehicle. We will also use scanners and laser measuring devices to return your vehicle to manufacture specifications.

After the repairs are completed, your vehicle is now ready to start the prep for paint process. Repaired areas are sanded, primed and masked.  Our painters’ use PPG’s Touch Paint Mix System, to mix the PPG paint that will match your vehicle’s color. Using your specific vehicle’s paint code, our master painter will match your vehicles color.  Panels that come in contact with the freshly painted surfaces will often require “blending”. Blending is a technique used to match the new paint to the old paint on your vehicle. All of the paint is sprayed inside our paint booth. The paint booth is designed to keep dust and other contaminants off your vehicles new finish.

Once the painting is complete, the vehicle is now ready for reassembly. Any, and all, remaining parts are placed back on your vehicle. Final fittings and calibrations are also checked and completed, at this time.

Finally, your vehicle goes to get washed and a light detail. After a wash and detail is done, a final inspection is preformed. The final inspection is done to insure all work meets Auto Restorations’ standards. At this point, the final paperwork is prepared for the your vehicles delivery.

Throughout this process, Auto Restorations Auto Body & Paint, Inc. will be in contact with the insurance company handling the claim. The insurer may want to review the estimate and inspect the vehicle before or during the repair process. In some cases, Auto Restorations may need to obtain insurer and vehicle owner approval before completing additional necessary repairs not included on the initial estimate.

When everything is completed Auto Restorations will call you to inform you that your car is ready to be picked up, also, Auto Restorations is always available to answer any of your question concerning your job.